Investment in Mauritius

Invest in Mauritius ?


Foreign nationals or non-Mauritian citizens are allowed to work and/or live in Mauritius under three distinct and simply laid down schemes:
A: As a retired non-citizen, irrespective of age and nationality
B: As a professional
C: As an investor

A 'Work & Live in Mauritius' department has been set up within the Board of Investment "BOI" as a single-facing service counter to expedite formalities for individuals and investors setting up in Mauritius. Foreign nationals, investors and non-investors alike, may also buy freehold property in Mauritius under the provisions of two specially studied schemes, they are:

1: Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)
Under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), luxury villas and other residential properties can be sold freehold at a minimum price of U$D 500,000 to foreigners who, de facto, receive a residence permit. The few IRS villas put on the market so far have proven very popular.

The IRS targets the high-end segment of the international property market, i.e - high net-worth individuals with high purchasing power. The investor may sell the property with no minimum selling price restriction; rent the property, elect tax residency in Mauritius and is free to repatriate funds or revenue reaised from the sale or renting of the IRS property.

2: Real Estate Scheme (RES)
Under the Real Estate Scheme (RES), residential units are sold to non-citizens at no minimum price. However, acquisition of property worth at least U$D 500,000 entitles the purchaser a residence permit. This scheme is targeted mainly for those investors, retirees and professionals, who want to invest, work and live in Mauritius or for those individuals who want to have a second home or holiday retreat in Mauritius.

**Source: Mauritius Board of Investment**

Why invest in Mauritius ?


The advantages of investing in Mauritius are:

- Social and political stability
- A strong and diversified economy
- An educated and bilingual workforce
- A pool of skilled and qualified professionals
- A business friendly environment
- Preferential access to international market
- A modern and reliable infrastructure
- A comprehensive and forward looking legal framework
- A growing international business and financial hub
- A safe and enjoyable place to work and live

A competitive business environment

Mauritius offers a low tax jurisdiction and an investor-friendly environment to encourage local and foreign companies to set up a business.
- Harmonised corporate and income tax of 15%
- Tax free dividend
- No capital gains tax
- 100% foreign ownership
- Exemption from customs duty on equipment
- Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
- No minimum foreign capital required
- 50% annual allowance on declining balance for the purchase of electronic and computer equipment

**Source: Mauritius Board of Investment**