Mauritius Island

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Mauritius has become one of the best places to invest and live comfortably.


In recent years Mauritius has been repeatedly cited as an example to the African continent for economic diversification and stability offering democratic politics. All aspects of this rapidly developing country were key factors in opening up to foreign real estate investment. A dare to bet for a small island but it reap rewards, attracting a large number of investors mainly from France hit by Euro crisis a true opportunity for the individuals who were seeking to avoid heavy taxation and the South Africans who wanted to escape insecurity and uncertainty in the economy.

The main factors that motivate most of the new residents and investors were the lifestyle offered by Mauritius, beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, favorable environment to new businesses and the stability of the country, offering a bilingual workforce French and English.

Mauritius also offers one of the world's best tax environments. Investors who purchase a property on the island through one of the many real estate programs as IRS or RES get all the benefits of tax havens by having access to a low tax rate and benefits of double taxation agreements that the Mauritian Government has signed with more than 34 other countries.

The IRS (Integrate resort scheme) consists of luxury properties that you can buy at a minimum price of 500, 000 USD with the benefits of having automatically the resident permit for the owner and his family at charge (children under 24 years may also benefit (Since 1 January 2013). The IRS also offer a lot of advantages that you can find in all the best resort like the Gym, restaurant, golf course, yacht club etc…

RES (Real Estate Scheme) was inspired by the success of IRS projects. This new real estate program open to foreign investors has been set up to target a larger portion of international real estate market, with no minimum price to buy a property the RES system became very popular and have  attracted a large number of investors. However, buyers do not get a residence permit automatically, but can stay in Mauritius for a maximum period of six months per year.

Mauritius was also mentioned by many as one of the best places to retire. The island is a peaceful place with low crime rates, a multicultural country with a cost of living much lower than in Europe.

The tax advantages in Mauritius are of 15 percent taxes for individuals and corporate, no tax on capital gain, no taxes on inheritances, no taxes on repatriation of dividends and capital and no import taxes for equipment intended for RES or IRS projects

You can also buy a property in Mauritius and submit for holiday rentals. There are many rental agencies in Mauritius that are dedicated to the rental of luxury properties with an attractive return on investment. To take advantage of the resident permit and the tax benefits you only need to spend more than 183 days per year in Mauritius.

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